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Hosting Discount

MyEducation(UK) are excited to offer a discount for all applicants of our overseas programs.

5% discount on any overseas program for an applicant who hosts a foreign exchange student for at least 5 months in their home

**Offer only available to students living in England and Wales**

NB. Host families in the UK also receive a monthly reimbursement for hosting a student in their home, whereas for all of our high school exchange destinations families are volunteer and are not reimbursed for

As an applicant who is excited to travel and experience other countries, by hosting a student in your home you can learn more about the country you hope to visit or another country entirely. We have foreign high school students from the USA, Canada, Italy, Denmark and other destinations who are looking for a caring home to live in and experience life in the UK.

Host families are asked to provide:

  • a room for the student
  • meals
  • care and support

Our students:

  • 16-18 years old and speak English
  • come from Denmark, Italy, USA, Japan, Australia and other destinations
  • arrive in September and January for 5-10 months
  • will attend a local high school
  • have their own money for their personal costs

The discount can be applied to:

  • All high school exchange programs
  • The program fee and does not include a discount on any additional insurance fee
  • Discount will be applied to the program fee once a foreign student has completed a 5 month stay with your family
  • Discount cannot be combined with the High School Price Promise – only one offer per program
  • Your family must host a student either the year before, during or immediately after your child’s exchange to receive the discount

To learn more about hosting you can read the ‘Host a Student’ section of our website to learn what is involved or call the office to speak with our staff about the promotion on 02380 970 924 or email info@myeducationuk.co.uk

Price Promise

MyEducation (UK) have a second offer for students who are looking to travel on a high school exchange. Our Price Promise allows students who are planning ahead to secure the program price of the previous year and avoid any increases in the program fee.

Each year our program fees to adjust but the exact amount of the increase cannot be predicted. By signing up for the Price Promise you could save between £0 and £500 and also have the knowledge that your place on the program is secure.

To be eligible for the Price Promise you must:

  • Complete our online pre-application form with as much detail as possible at least 12 months before the expected departure date.

  • ​Complete an online information session with a member of our staff at least 12 months before their expected departure date

  • ​Return the Price Promise document to the office signed and pay the £150 deposit before 30th June in the calendar year which is prior to the calendar year of the expected departure date

All applicants:

  • ​Will be interviewed in person by one of our representatives approximately 10 months before their expected departure date and must make themselves available for such an interview.

  • ​Must complete the application process and submit their forms to us by 31st December of the calendar year which is prior to the expected departure date for the Price Promise to be guaranteed.

  • ​The Price Promise Deposit amount will be deducted from the first invoice payable on completion of the full booking application process

  • The early applicant cannot benefit from other special offers which we run in addition to the early application price promise. However if the early applicant elects to do so it can forfeit its rights in relation to the early application price promise and instead take up the benefit of another special offer we are running.

To learn more about the Price Promise please call the office to speak with our staff about the promotion on 02380 970 924 or email info@myeducationuk.co.uk


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