Public Preferred High School USA and Canada

​The Public Preferred program allows you to choose which school district you want to go to school in and therefore giving you the ability to also choose the State you want to live in. All schools participating in this program are state schools that have chosen to make a number of seats available for exchange students for a payment. Therefore, the high price compared to the traditional high school program.

In the traditional high school program neither the high school or the host family receive any payment for receiving a student - it is forbidden by the laws that govern the traditional program. Therefore, in the traditional high school program you cannot choose where you will live or go to school. The Public Preferred program provides both school and host family with a reimbursement- because it's the only way we can ensure that there are a host families available for the school district you choose. Places in schools are often difficult to secure in the High School programs, in contrast these places are secured in advance with the Public Preferred program.

Schools in this program have many different and exciting activities they can offer you.

If you choose the Public Preferred program, and have a desire to attend school in a particular school district it's a good idea to send us your application in advance as places at the famous High Schools are quickly filled. When completing the application form, please write in the comment box, which of the following school districts you would like to go to school in.​​

Public Preferred High School Program 2018-19

Follow the link to see the available school districts. Most states are represented and there is a variety of prices available for varying budgets. If you have another area of the USA in mind that is not listed, please contact the office to ask if a placement might be possible. 

USA Pricing for 2019-20 school year

The following is included:

  • Flight from London to the host country and back. Possible domestic connections to the host family and back
  • All flight taxes, fuel surcharge and airport charges
  • Reception at the airport by your host family, or one of our representatives
  • Transportation to and from your host family
  • Board and lodging with the host family
  • Teaching in High School
  • Most textbooks and teaching materials (deposit books may apply)
  • Information and forms for visa application
  • Information / welcome meeting in the host country upon arrival
  • Supervision of staff in the USA, as well as in the UK
  • 24 hour emergency telephone service in the host and home country
  • Interview of participant and parents as well as support from local office
  • Preparatory meeting in the UK before departure: workshops and project groups. Presents important points about high school and daily life in the host country
  • Preparation Material
  • Certificate after completing stay
  • MyEducation bag

The following is NOT included:

  • Lunch at the school, if necessary. less spending on various activities at school
  • Deposits for school books, as well as any costs of textbooks, materials, etc.
  • Expenses for visa
  • Expenses for medical certificate and any vaccinations.
  • Any additional luggage fees, flight changes or missed flights
  • Optional Field trips

Compulsory insurance

Each participant must hold medical and accident insurance for the duration of their stay. The insurance premium is  for a school year, and is mandatory. The insurance is taken as a group travel insurance, giving you the maximum coverage at the lowest possible price. You will receive insurance ID cards, insurance terms and conditions, which also includes baggage insurance. The insurance is taken through one of the world's largest insurance companies. Be aware that your usual travel insurance does not cover travel of this duration and type (Study - NOT on holiday).


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