Available Programs​

High school ​exchange program options

High school exchange programs allow participants the chance to live overseas and become part of the culture of the country they are in. An experience of this nature is not a holiday. An exchange is an experience that allows you to be much more than a tourist as you will be welcomed into a local family home, school and the community. All of this you can experience with the support of local staff in a safe and comfortable environment.

Whichever program you choose you will experience the following:

  • Life with a local host family who will welcome and support you
  • Life at a local high school
  • See new places and meet new people that you would not have had the chance to
  • Improve your language skills
  • Grow in maturity, independence and confidence

All of our programs are available for students between the age of 15 and 18. Please be aware that different destinations have different age requirements. If you are looking to complete a program after graduating high school then please contact the office to confirm which destinations are available to you as an older student or see our page on GAP year programs.

Short programs​

Our short programs are designed to allow you to experience a life overseas on exchange without significantly affecting your UK education. Times of departure vary according to the destination you choose. You can travel for 2-3 months to a new country to experience life with a new family and in a new home town. Depending on the country you choose you can also attend a local high school.

This program is ideal for a student who hopes to experience an exchange but is unable to miss school at home. However, you must speak with staff at your UK school to find out if they can support you in a program of this length.

Semester and Year programs

If you are able to travel for a longer period of time then these programs are perfect for you. You can travel for 5-10 months to a destination of your choosing. We are able to offer a wider choice of destinations for our longer programs.

The semester and year programs are the best choice for you if one of your aims of enrolment is to master the language of the country you wish to visit and truly become a part of the local community. Exchange students find that their language skills are increased the longer they stay in the country and immersed in the language. Some students even tell us that they dream in the foreign language!​


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