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​In partnership with ASSE MyEducation is also able to offer you the opportunity to attend a Private High School or boarding school in the United States. An advantage of this program is that your school enrolment is secured in advance for your placement in the United States. As places are secured by payment of fees, they are always able to accept students - even exchange students.

Another advantage is that the classes and schools are often smaller. With fewer students in classes there is more time for each student, and it's easier to secure a place in your favourite activities and subjects. If you choose Private High School your school enrolment is usually confirmed even before we find your host family.

On the regular high school program we must first find you a family, then the family must be approved, and when the approval is in place, we can apply for admission to the local school, who may decline the enrolment, so then the process starts over again in a different area or another state. Many believe that finding host families is the biggest challenge - but it is the schools that present the biggest challenge in the United States. On the Private High School program these difficulties do not occur.

You can choose from two types of Private High School programs:

1. Private High School Classic:

If you choose this program, after your application has been received in the United States, you will be sent a list of 7-9 schools that will accept you. You must then choose your top three schools, and we will search for a family based on your choices for your education in the United States.

2. Private High School Preferred:

With this program you can choose any school in the program that you want to enrol in. These schools are expensive, and the price varies from school to school. In the traditional high school program and in Private High School Classic the host family does NOT receive any money for hosting as it is prohibited on the J visa. With private High School Preferred the host family is paid as this is the only way it can be ensured that there is a host family in the area of your chosen school.

Private High School Preferred schools are often located in attractive areas, typically have more students and offer more professional opportunities and leisure activities. If you are interested in a Private High School Preferred placement please contact us for the exact price of the school you are interested in.

The Private High School brochure can be found HERE

Our list of Private High Schools can be found by clicking HERE

This excel spreadsheet highlights the important points about each school and you can also follow the links to access the school's website to learn more.

You can see the latest Private High School newsletters from the USA here:

Newsletter November 2016

Newsletter December 2016

Newsletter January 2017

The private schools often have a particular religious orientation, so you will experience morning song and maybe bible study (religious education). But do not let yourself be intimidated by this fact. In 2017 we have removed all strongly religious schools from our selection. All schools listed are not strongly religious and accept all nationalities and backgrounds openly.

Read what Christine, a former Private High School students wrote about her stay:

"My school was like any other school but as it was a Christian school, there was a focus on teaching with a biblical view of things. Every lesson began with the teachers asking  whether we have any 'prayer requests', after which the teacher will start the lesson. No prayer request is too 'small' or unnecessary.

What's really cool about going to a private / Christian school is that you really form a strong bond with your teachers during your education in the United States.

In addition, private schools / Christian schools are generally not as large, making it possible for you to be known by all students - creating a small community. My school has just 500 students, which means that you get to know everybody, and they can get to know you.

When I was told that I was going to a Christian school, I was a little sceptical, but my view on it has completely changed! I'm SO well known in my school, and think I'd rather be here than at a public school. "

If you would like to apply to a private school program in the USA please contact the office on info@myeducationuk.co.uk or call 02380 970924

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