​High School FAQs

Who will I stay with?

All of our families are volunteer families so they are not reimbursed for hosting you. Families come in all shapes and sizes. Families may have children of varied ages or they may not. Some families may have one parent, while others may host more than one student of a different nationality to your own. All of our families have big hearts and are caring, supportive and eager to welcome an exchange student into their home and include you in their family life. It is the host families that choose the student they wish to host. Our host families are interviewed in their home and must complete a criminal record check to ensure that they are suitable to host.

What school will I attend?

Most students will attend a state school equivalent while overseas. The school is generally chosen by the host family and will be convenient and local to your host family home. Schools may be mixed or of a single gender. Please note that you may be enrolled in a different age group to your own, especially if you are attending a local school where the native language is not English.

You are required to attend school fulltime and you will need to purchase any required text books and pay for any additional levies that the school has. We will try to prepare you for these fees as best we can before your departure.

NB. Schools in Australia will require you to purchase a uniform and pay school enrolment fees. These vary from school to school but please budget around £300 for these costs.

Do I need to know the language of the country I wish to live in?

We have many destinations, some speak a foreign language and others do not. Please contact our office to confirm if there are any language requirements for your preferred destination. Many countries will accept you without a prior knowledge of the language but we strongly encourage you to learn as much as you can before you travel so that your experience is made easier by possessing a basic level of communication. Staff in our office may be able to suggest ways to learn a language and help you to enrol in classes.

Can I choose the region that I will be placed in?

As our families are volunteers it is very difficult for us to agree to a placement in a certain area. Most of our families live in suburban or rural areas of the country. Very few placements are into large cities. We go through a thorough process of matching families with students so please remember it is the family that is most important for your experience and not the location where you are based.

An exception can be made if you know a family in the country you wish to live in. In this manner you can select the area where you will live. The family cannot be related to you and they must still meet all our checks and requirements as a host family. We must also be able to secure a school placement for you in the local area for this arrangement to proceed.

When will I get my placement information?

We aim to get placement information to you at least one month before departure but it can sometimes take additional time to find and vet our host families because they are volunteers. Please note that a school enrolment must also be secured in order for your placement to be confirmed. Once all of these processes are complete the information about your host family will be shared with you.

When will I travel?

Your departure date will be determined by your school start dates in your host country. In some countries you will arrive and attend an orientation camp, while in others you will attend a local orientation soon after your arrival. Your travel dates will be confirmed to you as soon as possible and in some cases may be available when your host family placement is secured.

Will I need a visa?

Some destinations will require a visa. The fees for the visa application is not included in the cost of the program. We will take you through the process of applying for your visa so that it is stressfree and simple for you. Some visas (USA) will require an interview at the Consulate. If you would like to know the details of the visa application process for your destination then please contact the office. Processing times for visas can vary and the final decision as to whether a visa is granted rests with the Consulate and not with our office.

Can my family and friends visit me while I am on exchange?

Visits during your program are not allowed. This decision has been made because visits from family and friends can cause homesickness and be detrimental to the remaining period of a students’ exchange.

Can I return home on holiday while on the program?

No. It is not allowed for the program to be temporarily suspended for any visits home for any special occasion.

Can I apply if I have a serious allergy or a medical or psychological condition such as an eating disorder, depression or diabetes?

For any applicants with a medical condition that may preclude them from applying we ask that you contact the office before completing an application form. For some conditions we may need to receive further medical information from your GP/ specialist. Some conditions may prevent you from applying. The reason is that it will be very difficult to find a volunteer family who will take on the added responsibility of having to manage a serious medical condition. It is also for the sake of your health.

How do I apply for a program?

It is easy to apply by completing the online application form here. Once the application reaches our office we will contact you to arrange an interview with you and your parents. If you require further information before applying please contact the office or download the free brochure here.

The interview will be informal and friendly with a MyEducation (UK) staff member. We aim to gauge your maturity and understanding of what is involved in an exchange program.

What happens after I am accepted?

If you are successful at interview we will make a formal offer of admission. If you choose to continue you will be asked to complete the full application form for your chosen destination. 20% of the program fee will also be due.

Further payments will be due in two further payments to be collected prior to your departure.

If I get homesick can I return home?

You can choose to terminate your program at any time during your exchange. Decisions of this nature should be made in consultation with your host family, local support staff, your parents and MyEducation (UK). Most students will encounter some degree of homesickness at some point during their program but you should understand that this will pass. A decision to return home should not be rushed into and should be made over an extended period of time so that you are able to settle into your new life in a new country. You will be supported throughout the program and if you decide to return home early then we will continue that support.​

What will happen with my schooling in the UK?

As soon as you start to seriously consider the possibility of applying for an exchange program then you should speak with staff at your school or college. Many of our students choose to travel between Year 11 and 12 in England, Wales and Northern Ireland because it has the least impact on your schooling at home. For students in Scotland you may need to travel between Fifth and Sixth Year.

For all students you must understand that work completed overseas cannot be transferred back to the UK. If you choose to participate in an exchange then you will be deferring a year and so when you return you will join the students who are currently in the year below you at school. E.g. if you choose to travel after completing Year 11 then you will join Year 12 to start your A-Levels and graduate a year later than you would if you had not chosen to participate in an exchange.


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