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Italy - The entire package, from the Alps to Etna

Italy offers both lovely beaches, stunning landscapes, ski resorts and plenty of exciting art, culture and history. It can be hard to choose what to see. Everywhere you will sense its history.

A well known area of ​​Tuscany which is the center for art and food culture. But no matter how you come to stay in Italy will be your 'Bella Italia'. And then there is the food, which is a story in itself.

It just tested and enjoyed. A typical meal starts with a starter (antipasti), then a main course (secondo) and then finish with a dessert or fruit and of course an espresso or a coffee. Sometimes serves more than one main course. In small towns, people come home at lunchtime to eat.

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​Italy is also known for fashion and design. Just think of the example. Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Gucci, etc. Milan is the center of fashion and therefore attracts both tourists and business travelers.

There live about 59 million in Italy. About 90% of the population is Catholic. Many go to Mass on Sundays but today nearly as often as before. Whether you usually go to church or not, it is recommended to visit the churches as they offer cultural history and very nice architecture and art.

Scuola Superiore (High School) lasts 5 years, and the school week consists of 6 days.

In return, the school day not so long - there is only teaching pm. 13, so you will have free time to pursue different interests together with your schoolmates and friends after school. The school year starts in mid-September and ends in early June. Exchange students are placed in smaller cities, giving you the opportunity to have a network in the area.





The following are included in the price

  • Flight from Copenhagen, Billund and Aalborg (Billund and Aalborg surcharges) to the host country and back
  • No surcharge from Billund and Aalborg if the student going to the US.
  • Domestic services in the host country to the host family and back
  • All flight taxes, fuel surcharge and airport charges
  • The staff at the departure from Copenhagen, for groups of min. 3 students
  • Reception at the airport by your host family or one of our area representatives
  • Transportation to and from your host family
  • Board and lodging with the host family
  • Teaching in High School
  • Most textbooks and teaching materials. (Deposit books may apply)
  • Information and forms for visa application
  • Information / welcome meeting in the host country
  • Supervision of staff on site, as well as in Denmark
  • 24 hour telephone service in the host country
  • Interview of participant and parents as well as support from our local office
  • Preparatory meeting in Denmark before traveling to workshops, etc.
  • Preparation Material.
  • Diploma after completing stay
  • MyEducation bag
  • International Youth ID - Card
  • 1 year Free membership of MyEducation's Returnee Club
  • 3-year discount deals for you and your family with our travel agent - Travel Specialist
  • Currency discount - if the currency, we charge your stay, fall more than 5% (the difference in price between April 15 the year before departure and 1 June in the year of departure)
  • All our host families have undergone a check in the country's criminal record and had a visit from the local area representative before being approved as a host family

NB! Students to the EU must bring the Blue Health cards, as ordered from Citizens.


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