​Elegance, Gastronomy and a Joy for Life

France is the epitome of culture, beautiful scenery, food and fashion. The French love to read and watch plays and movies​ and discuss them with friends and family. You often see young and old sit together and read a book or the daily newspaper at a coffee shop while they enjoy a small cup of espresso. 

The French also like to use their urban parks to unwind with a book in a break from school or work. They have a relaxed attitude to life that makes managing issues easier and has led to the phrease "C'est la vie" being used across the world. French is seen by many as a very beautiful languge, whether spoken or in song it has a tone and quality that other language lack.

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French cuisine is world renowned and you will find differences in the cuisine as you travel north, south, east or west. In the south of France seafood is enjoyed in great abundance. In Brittany to the north, you will find panacakes which are eaten for all meals of the day as the batter is made both sweet and salty. Then there are over 500 different cheeses to try, which could take more that one exchange year! There is something for everyone to experience and for those with a more adventurous palate, you will not be disappointed.

France is also well known for it's fashion, cosmetics, perfumes and design. You will see elegance in the buildings around you as well as the clothing on the people. Many famous designers, chefs, architects and artists are french or have studied in France. Paris is well-known as being a fashion and cultural centre for many budding artists.

At school in France you will usually have 25 -30 hours of classes a week. Some schools finish as late as 5pm, but offer a 1-2 hour lunch break. In some regions students might attend school on a Saturday but not on a Wednesday. It is likely that you will be enrolled in the Lycee which is the last three years of schooling in France. Here students study for their end of school exam - the Baccalaureat. You will eat your lunch in the school canteen and this is often quite a substantial meal. Additional fees will be requested for these lunches. There will be some mandatory subjects for you and some optional onese. You can choose to distinguish between a science led focus or a social science focus.

Sports, music etc are usually done in associations and clubs away from the school. Your host family will be able to help you to find local opportunities. You must possess good language skills before your depart for France - you must have studied for at least 2 years. At the start of the exchange you will participate in a one week language school where you will meet other arriving students and learn about French culture while seeing the sights of Paris.

France, 10 months​

Departure: August/September 2017​​

Age: 08.01.99 - 01.08.02​​

Program Fee:​​ £

The following is included in the price:

  • Flight from London to the host country and back.Including possible domestic connections to the host family and back
  • All flight taxes, fuel surcharge and airport charges
  • Reception at the airport by your host family, or one of our representatives
  • Transportation to and from your host family
  • Board and lodging with the host family
  • Teaching in High School
  • Most textbooks and teaching materials
  • Information and forms for visa application
  • Information / welcome meeting in the host country upon arrival
  • Supervision of staff in the host country, as well as in the UK
  • 24 hour emergency telephone service in the host and home country
  • Interview of participant and parents as well as support from local office
  • Preparatory meeting in the UK before departure: workshops and project groups. Presents important points about high school and daily life in the host country
  • Preparation Material
  • Certificate after completing stay
  • MyEducation bag
  • Youth ID - Card


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