Nature, Culture and a Joy for Life

Brazil is much more than just football and samba. Imagine a school year in this impressive south american country where the main language is Portuguese, there is a wealth of culture and traditions that surpasses most other countries in the world and a welcoming attitude that would bring you into Brazilian life.

Brazil has a bit of everything for you to experience and with a tropical climate, the temperature varies little throughout the year. From the beaches to the rain forest, you can witness impressive landscapes and fantastic history, with a people who will want to show you their lives and culture and make you a member of their family. 

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No matter where you go in Brazil, you will meet unusually friendly people, who value family above many things. The Brazilians are a people ​from both an indigenous (primarily Guaraníes), African, European (mainly Portuguese) and Asian background. This melting pot of cultures has led to a celebration of different ideas and a culture that is full of contrast. 

Brazil has a population of 190 million, with 54% of people with European origin. In the norther part of the country are small towns with a more rustic way of life. Here the land is cultivated and it is home to large part of the population. In the south there are savannahs and rain forests. Sao Paulo has the cosmopolitan atmosphere and Rio de Janeiro has beautiful beaches, with wide promenades. 

In the Carajás Mountains you will find the world's largest mineral deposits of iron, manganese, copper and nickel. Some of the country's main agricultural products are coffee, cocoa, cotton, corn and sugar cane. 

The school system will welcome you as a new student and you will be surprised how quickly you learn Portuguese, even if you have not spoken it before. If you speak with people and practice you will learn more and more. You will be enrolled in a school year that will support your age and ability. 

Your exchange is usually started with a week long camp where you will be introduced to the Portuguese language and Brazilian culture. (The camp is dependent on a minimum number of students to run.) You will be supported by local staff to ensure you succeed on your exchange. They will help you to find the opportunities that you wish for to join teams or groups and to get involved in the community. Whether you want to play football, volleyball or peteca (a traditional Brazilian sport) the staff are there to help you.

Brazil -  2, 3, 5 or 10 months​

Departure: ​​July 2017

Age:​​ 08.01.99 - 01.08.02

Program Fee:

The following is included in the price:

  • Flight from London to the host country and back.Including possible domestic connections to the host family and back
  • All flight taxes, fuel surcharge and airport charges
  • Reception at the airport by your host family, or one of our representatives
  • Transportation to and from your host family
  • Board and lodging with the host family
  • Teaching in High School
  • Most textbooks and teaching materials
  • Information and forms for visa application
  • Information / welcome meeting in the host country upon arrival
  • Supervision of staff in the host country, as well as in the UK
  • 24 hour emergency telephone service in the host and home country
  • Interview of participant and parents as well as support from local office
  • Preparatory meeting in the UK before departure: workshops and project groups. Presents important points about high school and daily life in the host country
  • Preparation Material
  • Certificate after completing stay
  • MyEducation bag
  • Youth ID - Card


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