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​A Place you will Never Forget

​Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. It stretches over a large areas from north to south which means there are many different climate zones. Everywhere you travel you will find stunning landscapes and unique attractions. From the southern Andes mountains range, to the northern deserts, to the beautiful Iguazú Falls and the magnificent wildlife and the great plans of Patagonia. There is something for everyone to enjoy and experience.

The Iguazú waterfalls in Iguazú National Park is considered among the most water-rich in the world. The waterfalls spread over 2.7km and the water falls 270m. At some points the water reaches a deoth of 82 metres. The deepest point is called the Devil's Throat and is 300m wide. Because of it's majesty, Iguazú National Park becaume a UNESCO Heritage site in 1984. 

During your stay you can opt to join a 10 day trip to Patagonia or visit northwestern Argentina.

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Ethnic and cultural Argentines are a mixture of Latin American and European heritage. Over 90% of the population comes from European immigrants, especially Italians, Spaniards and Germans. Only a very small proportion of the population are descendants of the original Native American population. ​

If there is something Argentina is known for, it is meat! There great beef is known in many parts of the world. Try for example, Asado or Parillada. You can also try Mate, a local drink, reminiscent of strong tea, it is made from dried leaves of the plant yerba mate. It is often served in a dried, hollowed gourd called a calabash. Beyond their food and drink, Argentines love to dance and celebrate the tango. The dance originated in Argentina in 1800. The Argentine tangi is an improvised dance with may changes of pace, and it is said that tango is danced with feeling. Around the world there are associations that dance the tango and celebrate the beautiful dance and the music.

The Argentine national sport is Pato, which takes place on horseback and combines elements of both polo and basketball. As you may also know, the Argentineans are also known for football and rugby. 

If you choose to take a high school year in Argentina, you will meet welcoming people who are curious to learn about other nationalities. This makes it easy for exchange students to settle in. The school day is typically from 8am to 1pm and at many schools, uniform is required. Argentines are very social so you will be able to walk with schoolmated and participate in various sports and cultural activities while living there. 

Argentina, 1 academic year​

Departure: July 2017​​

Age: ​​07.01.1999 - 01.07.03

Program Fee: ​ £

​The following is included in the price:

  • Flight from London to the host country and back.Including possible domestic connections to the host family and back
  • All flight taxes, fuel surcharge and airport charges
  • Reception at the airport by your host family, or one of our representatives
  • Transportation to and from your host family
  • Board and lodging with the host family
  • Teaching in High School
  • Most textbooks and teaching materials
  • Information and forms for visa application
  • Information / welcome meeting in the host country upon arrival

  • Supervision of staff in the host country, as well as in the UK
  • 24 hour emergency telephone service in the host and home country
  • Interview of participant and parents as well as support from local office
  • Preparatory meeting in the UK before departure: workshops and project groups. Presents important points about high school and daily life in the host country
  • Preparation Material
  • Certificate after completing stay
  • MyEducation bag
  • Youth ID - Card


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