High School Exchange Programs

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​Exchange students

The benefits of our high school exchange program are immediately visible to you and the people around you. You will:

  • ​Learn a new language
  • Make new friends and join a foreign family
  • ​Live in a new country and town and live life like a local
  • Gain maturity, independence, judgment and experience
  • ​Open career doors that you did not know existed

To be eligible for the program you must be:

  • Between the ages of 15 and 18 (some exceptions can be made for 14 year olds)
  • ​Still at school when you apply
  • C grade average at school
  • Medically fit
  • Open minded, flexible and mature
  • Keen to take advantage of all opportunities offered to you

We have high school exchange programs to many different countries and you can choose the length of program that suits you, your family and your UK education. You can see the list of destinations and program lengths and departure dates here.

​What is a high school exchange program?

Curiosity, a desire to travel and a wish to test your independence are all qualities that you will need to embark on one of our high school exchange programs.

It is an exciting time when you are a high school student between the ages of 15 and 18 years old. You are becoming an adult and you might want the opportunity to stand on your own two feet. On a high school exchange program you can see and experience new cultures, make new friends and attend a local high school while under the supervision and guidance of local people in a safe environment.

A high school exchange program allows you the opportunity to live with a volunteer host family in a foreign country of your choice. While living overseas you will immerse yourself in the life of the family, attend a local high school and become a part of the local community.

A high school exchange is different to a holiday as you will transport your life from the UK and settle into life in your new home. You will not just be a tourist in a new city, you will be a member of the town.

How do I learn more?

On the website you can read about our many destinations and learn about the support you will get on exchange and who the families are that might host you. You can also see our fees for the program so you know what to expect.

If you think an exchange might be a good thing for you, please sign up to our online information sessions that we run monthly. They are interactive and free and full of helpful information about what to expect. We recommend your parents attend with you so that they can learn about the program too. You need to sign up to the session so that we can send you the login information and you can do that here. ​


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