High School Application​

How to Apply

Dear High School Applicant,

Thank you for your interest in applying for a placement ion a high school exchange with MyEducation (UK). In order to submit your application you must complete the forms listed below. Please make sure that all forms are completed carefully and clearly. Where possible please complete them on your computer. When handwriting the forms please print clearly and use black pen.

Please contact the office if you have any questions on info@myeducationuk.co.uk or by telephone 02380 970924.

Please click on the items highlighted in blue. You can then open the file, complete it online and print a copy.

  1. Application Form
  2. A typed letter to your host family on 2 x A4 pages (max 12 pt. font and line spacing 1.5)
  3. A typed letter to your host family in the language of the country you will travel to.
  4. A Photo collage representing you, your family, and your hobbies / interests on 2 x A4 pages (must be completed on your computer using electronic photos)
  5. Academic Record – Transcripts for previous 3 years of school reports – this will be completed by MyEducation staff so you must provide staff with school reports from your current school year and previous two years.
  6. Two School references from teachers
  7. Medical Form
  8. Copy of your passport ID page – please note that your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after your return date
  9. Electronic smiling head and shoulders photo
  10. MyEducation Terms and Conditions
  11. MyEducation Privacy Notice

Further detail about forms

Application Form

This form must be completed on the computer and cannot be handwritten.

Please complete this form with as much detail as possible. This form is what the American partner and host family will see with your letters and photos so please develop your answers fully. Please only write the truth on this form and not what you think someone might like to read. It is best to give an accurate picture of yourself so that families can make the best choice about whether you will match their home or not. The office will insert your smiling photo into the space provided for you if you are not able to.

‘Dear Host Family’ Letter

This letter should be started as ‘Dear Host Family’ and should be two pages in length on A4 and typed. Please note that font should be 12 and line spacing 1.5. This letter allows you to present yourself to the family and give them a real indication of who you are. Remember to describe your family life, interests and hobbies, your friends and school. It is very important that you include the reasons why you want to go on exchange and specifically why you have chosen the country you have. Please remember to thank any host family who might consider hosting you. 

The letter must fill two pages of A4. The letter must not include any personal details such as: last name, home town name, ages of you and any family members, name of your school etc. Details like these should not be shared in order to protect your identity. These details are shared with a host family once they have been cleared and checked to host. Please sign the bottom of the letter using a pen.

​'Dear Host Family' Letter - foreign language

The length and content of this letter will vary depending on your language ability at the time that you write it. As with the English version, the letter should be typed and should introduce you as a person. The letter can mirror your letter in English, but only write what you are able to manage in the language. If you have only been learning the language for a short time your letter may only be a few lines in length, but give it your best try. 

Photo Collage

This must also be on 2 pages of A4 and should be designed in a portrait orientation. You should have your first name in large font on the first page of the collage. We recommend that you find pictures of you, your friends and your family and show photos of you in everyday situations. Please consider the photos that you include and make sure they give a positive impression of you and an accurate picture of your life in the UK. Remember to write down who’s in the photos and/or where it was taken, however please do not use last names or the details of the city you live in (i.e. You might write ‘A picture of my Dad and I watching our football team’). The collage should be done on the computer using electronic files.

NB. If your application is being sent to a country where English is not the first language, please write the captions for the photos in the language of the country so that a host family can read and understand who is in the photos.

Teacher References

You must submit two references from staff at your school. You can choose the teacher that completes the forms but please do try to ask a more senior staff member to complete one of them. The teachers can fill them our electronically or by hand but the form does require a signature and a school stamp.

Medical form

Please book an appointment with your GP to have the form completed. When booking the appointment please indicate it is to complete a Medical Form for an exchange programme to ensure the appropriate amount of time is allocated. This form cannot be completed in a standard length appointment. We recommend sending the form to the GP prior to the appointment so that they can see what is required. They can also pre-fill some of the information if they have time. Please note that all required vaccinations must be completed for you to be accepted on the programme so please consider what is required from the GP before making the appointment. Please note that some doctors may charge a fee for completing a medical form of this nature. All GP's charge different amounts and is decided by the practice.

Copy of vaccination records

Copies of documentation of your vaccinations is required to support the medical form. Please speak with your GP if you do not have these documents in your personal files.

Copy of your passport ID page

Please provide us with a clear copy of your passport ID page. Your passport must be valid for 6 months past your return date (likely to be mid June). 

Smiling photo

It is important that you provide a lovely photo of yourself for your application form. The photo should just be of your head and shoulders and you should be smiling. Please try and send the photo as a high quality file as it will be used by the partner on their online hosting portal to send to host families. A smiling photo is always very appealing to a host family. Please do not add any emoticons/embellishments. Do not wear too much make up either. 

MyEducation Terms and Conditions

Please complete the form and sign where indicated. The form must be signed by your parents and by yourself.

Please contact the office on info@myeducationuk.co.uk or 023 8097 0924 if you need any assistance with collecting these documents together.​​ All documents can be emailed to the office and original copies are not required. 

Best of luck and we look forward to working with you.


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