​Meet the Westergaard family

We are very lucky to have the Westergaard family as a part of our extended MyEducation family. They not only hosted Marianna from Italy last year, they also sent their son Louis on exchange to French Canada. I asked Valou, the mother of the family, some questions about their experience about the experience and how the programs met and exceeded their expectations.

​The Westergaard's welcome Marianna at the airport on arrival

What did you think when Louis told you he wanted to go on exchange?

We were very proud of him wanting him to do that. The idea came to him as my husband and I both took part of an exchange student program in 1988-1989 in USA, Hawaii and France for Valou, and Denmark for Morten. We talked so much about our experience, that it felt a natural thing to do for him.

Why did you choose My Education?
We both had such a great time on our exchange programs. We researched the companies we went through and found that MyEducation UK was affiliated with them.

Why did you choose to host while Louis was on exchange?
We wanted to give something back from having been Exchange Students ourselves.

Did this help you understand what Louis was going through while he was on exchange?
We knew that as we had been exchange student ourselves, but at the same time it refreshed the feelings we had when we were there.

How did your family adapt to the hosting experience?
Very very well, in fact, it felt completely natural for both our daughters (13 and 14 at the time Marianna arrived) and for Morten and I. It only took one minute (literally!) before we felt that Marianna was one of us, and this feeling has never left us since she went back to Italy.

Louis with his host mother in French Canada

Louis on a sleigh ride while on exchange in French Canada​

What positive aspects did hosting bring to your family?
We had a fantastic experience with somebody who is from a different cultural background and at the same time, we feel we expanded our family having Marianna has our "Italian daughter". We have now 3 + 1 children.

Are you still in touch with Marianna?
Yes we are, especially the girls with their social network, and from time to time with us by email. We will be visiting her in Italy at Easter to celebrate her 19th birthday.

Is there anything else you would like to add about the experience?

It was simply an extraordinary adventure to be a host family and also by letting our son have an incredible year. As a Mum, it was at times difficult to be without him, but Marianna's Mum and I shared a lot on this. Louis is thrilled for having had the opportunity and it is something that will stay with him for ever. We feel we have gained some precious friends in Quebec, Pauline and Jaques, and also in Italy with Andrea and Angela (Marianna's parents)​

If you would like to host or learn more about our exchange programs, please contact the office on 02380 970 924 or email info@myeducationuk.co.uk

​Marianna having fun with the Westergaard's while on holiday in Alcase


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