​Office News September: Our Favourite Time of Year

1st September 2016​

​As our students get set to leave their home country and travel to the UK to meet their new families, and, as our new families are looking forward to welcoming their new host son/daughter into their homes and lives; it is also a very exciting time for us in the MyEducation (UK) office.

Since the beginning of the year we have been getting to know all our incoming students through their application forms and emails. We have also been liaising with our wonderful host families and Area Reps throughout the country and it’s that time of year when students, families, Reps and the MyEducation team come together at airports, orientation sessions, cities and events.

Many of our families and Reps have been part of the MyEducation team for years, changing the lives of young people, while some are excited to meet their first students in just a few days. We have been hearing stories all summer of previous year’s students returning to the UK to visit their host/second families or of our families travelling out to see their students in their home country. We are sure that this year will produce the same wonderful relationships and life changing adventures.

Now it is all about making sure everyone knows when they are arriving, who they will meet at the airport, how they are getting to their host family, what happens in the first few days, when they will start school and helping them to settle into life in the UK. 

​We have students who have arrived already, and students will continue to arrive over the next few days. Students from Denmark, Italy, Canada, Japan, Taiwan and the US. They will be arriving into Gatwick, Heathrow, Stanstead, Manchester and Birmingham and will get to their host family by car, train, and coach. Everyone will be met at the airport and transported to their host family safe and sound. Some will start school within a day of arriving and others will have 3 or 4 days before school starts. We even have two students who have arrived and gone on a camping holiday with their new host family for a week!

All the orientation sessions have been booked and they are being held throughout the country. This is where the students will again get to meet each other and we get to meet the students and their families and go through things they will need to know. But it is much more than that, it’s about creating a community for our wonderful students and ensuring we prepare everyone for this exciting adventure.

We have also just sent out two students from the UK, Louis who went to Canada a few weeks ago and Nadira who left for Japan last week. We have been guiding them through the process of moving to another country; conducted information sessions with them and their parents, and coordinated with the partner in their host country to ensure they have suitable homes and schools to attend and their support network is in place. We have helped with the raft of documentation needed for their visa, directed them through the application process, booked their insurance, arranged their flights, and made sure they know what their first few weeks will look like.​​

So as the activities continue in the MyEducation office, with our trusty office companion Ginny, the most important thing is making sure this will be one of the most memorable years of your life, it will be challenging, but we are here to help. We cannot wait to meet you all. This is what we live for!​

Good luck to all of our students across the world,

Best wishes,

Sally and Nicky

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