Area Representative: Confidentiality Statement​

​On 25 May 2018 the General Data Protection Regulation EU 2016/679 (“GDPR”) supersedes the Data Protection Act 1998. This has implications for the way in which My Education (UK) Limited (“MyEducation UK”) collects and processes personal information.

In your vital role as an Area Representative with MyEducation UK we provide you with data about your students and host families to enable to you to support them during their exchange. It is important that this data is protected by you so that you in turn protect the people in your care and so we ask that you read and agree to the following guidelines.

Handling data shared with you by MyEducation (UK) Ltd

Once you have been approved as an Area Representative with MyEducation, we will share the personal data of your arriving student(s) and their host family with you so that you can contact them and start to build a relationship. We may also share data about an outbound student if we require you to interview them for acceptance.This data includes but is not limited to:

  • ​Name
  • ​Date of birth
  • ​Home address
  • ​City and country of birth
  • ​Email address
  • ​Contact number
  • ​Name and contact information of parents
  • ​Name of siblings
  • ​Name and contact information for host family

Sensitive data shared includes:

  • ​Religious preference and activity
  • ​Photographs of the student
  • ​Health information

This information is shared as it is believed to be vital for you to get to know your student(s) and their family and support them appropriately. This data will be shared with you by email through our encrypted server. You have access to these documents through a password protected link. These documents should not be printed, saved or shared or discussed with anyone outside of your role without permission from MyEducation, unless in connection with the student’s education or health. At the end of a placement we will remove access to these documents and require that you dispose of any copies in a secure manner – shredding or permanently deleting from your computer.

Criminal background checks

As part of the approval process for a host family you may be asked to assist us in completing the necessary police check. When you meet with a family, you may be shown their original ID documents to meet the requirements of the check and you will be given copies of these documents to submit to the office. These documents hold a significant amount of data and should be handled with care:

  • ​Copies should be kept in a safe place
  • ​If you scan and email the documents to the MyEducation office, please remember to do the following once their receipt has been confirmed:
  • ​Permanently delete the outgoing message from your Sent items
  • ​Shred any paper copies
  • ​Delete any photographs of the documents from your device and ensure they have not been backed up in the cloud or on another server.

If you misplace any of the documents or become aware that they have been accessed by a third party, please notify the MyEducation office immediately.

Communications with the MyEducation UK office

Subjects now have the right to request to view all data that MyEducation UK holds on them. During the course of an exchange all emails and communications relating to the health and wellbeing of students are stored in our files, so it is important that you consider the content of your emails. Opinions expressed in your emails will be disclosed to participants should a request be made. 

Version 1: 21st May 2018

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