The United Kingdom

High School Exchange in the UK

Experience England, Wales and Scotland firsthand

“Adventure is worthwhile” – Aristotle

If you have always dreamed about going on a high school exchange to the UK, then MyEducation can make this dream a reality.

We co-operate with a network of partner organisations across the world who work with students to assess and prepare them for exchange in the UK. We can direct you to the partner in your home country who will process your application for a UK exchange. We do not deal with you directly but work with our partners to ensure that students and parents are supported appropriately for the experience.

We offer students the choice of placement in England, Wales or Scotland. While on exchange in the UK you will experience the beauty of this fine country and feel the warmth of the people that you meet. The UK is a nation that is steeped in the history and identities of the individual countries that make up this great union. You will see the history in the buildings, quiet alleyways and historic monuments that you encounter. Visit the bustling cities of London, Cambridge, Cardiff, Swansea and Edinburgh. Experience the beauty of the Highlands, the Lake District and Cornwall. Hear the many accents of this small island country and become a true member of the English, Welsh or Scottish community.

If you would like to come to the UK on exchange, please email our office and we will put you in contact with the partner office in your country. Or if you are an exchange organisation who would like to send students to the UK through MyEducation please email

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