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“Adventure is worthwhile” – Aristotle

If you have always dreamed about going on a high school exchange to the UK, then MyEducation can make this dream a reality.

A school exchange program allows you enter the British schooling system and to live with a host family in the UK.  While on exchange you will immerse yourself in the life of the family, attend a local college and become a part of the local community.

An exchange is different to a holiday because you will transport your life from the UK and settle into life in your new home. You will not just be a tourist in a new city, you will be a member of the town and community.


To go on exchange you must meet the following criteria to be accepted on the program:

  • Must be between 16 and 18 years of age at the start of the academic year. 
  • Must have a B average grade for past three years of schooling and a strong commitment to your education. 
  • Must be in good health and have no mental or physical issues.
  • Must have strong English skills to meet B1 IELTS English language requirement.
  • Open minded, flexible and mature.

If you are not sure you meet these requirements, please contact the office and speak with a staff member as we can advise about your eligibility.


You can join a student exchange between the age of 16 and 18 in the UK. No matter when you travel to the UK, you will develop many new skills and attributes and gain a first class education that will support you personally and professionally.

Most arrivals are in September each year, but we offer a variety of program lengths to suit your needs. You can complete a full two year A-Level course or experience life in the UK for 1 year or just venture away for a few months. You choose what you want and also what suits your needs and home education.

  • 2 year program: A-Level or International Baccalaureate
    • September arrival.
    • Students will complete the school-leaving qualification and be eligible to apply to university courses in the UK and across the world.
    • Full support will be given at your college to assist you to decide on your future educational path.
  • 1 year program: AS-Level or National Certificate or Higher National Certificate
    • September arrival.
    • Students can enrol in colleges in either England, Wales or Scotland.
    • Will complete at least one world-recognised qualification during their exchange.
  • Semester or Term:
    • September or January arrival.
    • Students will get a full college life experience.
    • No formal qualifications awarded.
  • 2-12 weeks:
    • Start dates can be negotiated with the college between September and March.
    • Students who have a short time for an exchange can get a taste of life at college in the UK.
    • No formal qualifications awarded.


While on exchange in the UK you will experience the beauty of this fine country and feel the warmth of the people that you meet. The UK is a nation that is steeped in the history and identities of the individual countries that make up this great union. You will see the history in the buildings, quiet alleyways and historic monuments that you encounter. Visit the bustling cities of London, Cambridge, Cardiff, Swansea and Edinburgh. Experience the beauty of the Highlands, the Lake District and Cornwall. Hear the many accents of this small island country and become a true member of the English, Welsh or Scottish community.

Students can choose which college they wish to attend in the UK and MyEducation will support you to choose the right college for your needs and skills. MyEducation will assist you to complete the necessary application documents and enrol. To learn more about the colleges that we work with click the button below.


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