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About MyEducation

Why choose MyEducation?

About MyEducation

Since 1995, MyEducation has sent young people into the world to experience new cultures, lifestyles and languages. With offices in Denmark, Norway and the UK, MyEducation is an independent organisation that values the importance of international understanding and facilitates programs for young people and adults to travel, study, and complete high school exchange programs and language travel programs overseas.

Our goal is to promote an understanding of cultural and linguistic differences among youth and adults and to help them with their professional and personal development. We send people aged from 12-70+ to many parts of the world on high school exchange and language travel programs. These programs require students to become active participants in family, school and community life. Our programs are educational and cross-cultural and allow students, host families and local people to be involved in a memorable experience that they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

MyEducation Staff

MyEducation is staffed by people with a mixture of backgrounds. Some have experience in the travel industry and others in education. Many of our staff also have experienced an exchange themselves or have lived overseas. Our staff have a personal understanding of the challenges of completing an exchange program, which is evident in the level of support that we are able to offer students and parents.

MyEducation staff are supported by a network of people both overseas and in the UK. We work with established program partners in over 25 destinations. These partners work in close communication with us to ensure our programs follow strict regulations and are a success for everyone involved. In the UK we are also assisted by volunteer local area representatives and host families who support our foreign students on exchange in the UK and work with British students who wish to travel overseas.​

Customer Commitment

MyEducation understands that an exchange or language travel program can be stressful for both parents and students as you prepare for a life changing adventure. With this in mind we make a service commitment to all of our clients. We will:

  • answer all enquiries promptly and fairly,
  • offer friendly and helpful support,
  • foster open communication between all parties involved in the program,
  • offer 24/7 support for emergency situations,
  • provide clear and thorough preparation before departure, and
  • protect the privacy of all participants and not share personal information with any outside organisation.

MyEducation works with its own travel agency to ensure that flights can be easily managed and the best prices provided to all clients. Rejsespecialisten is operated from our Danish office and can respond to all flight queries and adjustments.

If you have any queries about our organisation or our service commitment then please contact the office to speak with our staff. We are happy to assist you and speak with you further about the opportunities that we can offer to you or your children.​